Maurice-Louis Jolivet or Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni, Hanover Square, London: garden folly on three levels

Photo courtesy of Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez (All rights reserved)


Country House
West Wycombe
Hanover Square, London: garden folly on three levels
Framed, hanging in the Study, location 080 in Dashwood list, AP 165, Witt 941/26 (51)
Medium and support
Pen and wash on paper
Overall height: 46.5 cm, Overall width: 18 cm
Maurice-Louis Jolivet (fl.1750-1759) or Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni (1695-1766)
Catalogue Number
  • Scale without figures


The paired columns, in orders shown correctly proceeding from Doric to Ionic and Corinthian, are topped by a curious French-style calotte dome and finished with three urns. The friezes of the upper orders are Rococo-like and fantastical. This was probably a garden folly design, destined for the area directly behind the house (Sir Edward Dashwood, Bt, personal communication with the author). The manner of showing the urns is the same as in other Servandoni work.
by Clare Hornsby

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