Inventory and Appraisment of Household Furniture and other Property at Trewithen in Probus taken June 1829 by Jos. Tregoning

Stamford Raffles Flint, ‘Catalogue of pictures’, collection of the Reverend Charles Raffles Flint at Nansawsan House, Ladock, Cornwall, MS, 1882, Trewithen

Inventory and Valuation of Household Furniture Domestic China and Glass Silver Old Sheffield and Plated Items Ornamental Items and Decorative China Jewellery Linen Pictures Personal and General Effects/ the property of G. H. Johnstone Esq., Taken for the purposes of Insurance, W.E.F. March 1928, Waring and Gillow Ltd

Inventory and Valuation of Household Furniture, Domenstic China and Glass, Silver, Old Sheffield, and Plated Items, Ornamental Items and Decorative China, Linen, Pictures, Personal and General Effects/ The Property of G. H. Johnstone Esq. and Mrs Johnstone. Taken for the Purposes for Insurance. March 1947/Griddle & Smith Ltd. Valuers, Truro

‘Extracts from Letters written by James Heywood Esq to his correspondents’, 1752–9

James Heywood, ‘A Diary of my Journey to the West of England, 1757’